Feeds 4

Oil for frying
4 boneless salmon fillets
150g couscous
2 tbsp of lemon juice ( I used juice from a bottle but you can use fresh)
Salt and pepper
A handful of coriander finely chopped
220g boiling water
A bunch of spring onions roughly chopped
5 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp honey

Honey & Soy Salmon with Lemon & Coriander Couscous

Honey & Soy Salmon with Lemon & Coriander Couscous – This is one of those dinners that tastes like it should have taken a lot more than 15 minutes to make! The sweet-salty flavors of the fish go so well with the couscous – which is a handy side dish to have up your sleeve for BBQ’s or to have with grilled chicken…


Heat a good glug of oil in a large non-stick frying pan.

Pat the salmon dry and when the oil is hot, add the salmon fillets skin side down.

Fry on medium to high heat for 3-5 minutes.

Turn the salmon over (if you prefer it without the skin, peel it off now, it should come away easily.) Fry for a further 3 minutes, before removing from the pan and setting it aside.

Whilst the salmon is cooking, prepare the couscous.

Place the couscous in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Add the lemon juice, coriander, and boiling water. Stir and cover with a plate to keep in the steam. Set aside.

Add the spring onion to the frying pan with a drizzle more oil. Fry for 3 minutes until soft.

Add the soy sauce and honey to the pan and turn the heat up a little to medium/high. Reduce the sauce for 3-5 minutes, until it’s thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.

Add the salmon fillets to the pan and turn them over a couple of times until coated and cooked through.

Serve the salmon on a bed of couscous with veg such as asparagus or tender stem broccoli on the side.